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SPAMD-SETUP(8)          OpenBSD System Manager's Manual         SPAMD-SETUP(8)

     spamd-setup - parse and load file of spammer addresses

     spamd-setup [-dn]

     The spamd-setup utility adds blacklists by adding addresses to the pf(4)
     table <spamd>, as well as configuring mail rejection messages for the
     added list of addresses in spamd(8).  The spamd table is used in conjunc-
     tion with a pf(4) redirection rule to selectively redirect mail connec-
     tions to the spamd(8) daemon.

     The options are as follows:

     -d      Debug mode reports a few pieces of information.

     -n      Dry-run mode.  No data is shipped to pf(4).

     Blacklists and whitelists are specified in the configuration file
     /etc/spamd.conf and are processed in the order specified in the all tag.
     Output is concatenated to build up a table for pf(4).  Then the blacklist
     addresses are sent to a running spamd(8) along with the message spamd
     will give on mail rejection when a matching client connects.  The config-
     uration port for spamd(8) is found from services(5), by looking for the
     named service spamd-cfg.

     spamd-setup reads all configuration information from a spamd.conf(5)


     ftp(1), pf(4), services(5), spamd.conf(5), spamd(8)

OpenBSD 3.6                    February 14, 2003                             1