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ypxfrd(8)							    ypxfrd(8)


  ypxfrd - High	speed NIS map transfer daemon




  The ypxfrd daemon is the transfer agent that handles map transfer requests
  from yppush on the master server and ypxfr on	slave servers and clients.
  This program performs	the actual transfer of the NIS maps to slave servers
  and clients.	Typically, the maps are	transferred to all slave servers and
  clients unless the transfer is restricted to those subnets or	hosts by an
  entry	or entries in the /etc/yp/securenets file.  See	ypserv(8) for infor-
  mation on this file.

  The ypxfrd daemon is activated at system startup time	by an entry in the
  /sbin/init.d/nis file	of an NIS master server	machine. If the	log file
  /var/cluster/members/{memb}/yp/ypxfrd.log exists, ypxfrd appends all its
  output to that file. You can use the log file	to retain a record of what
  was attempted, and the results.

  See ypfiles(4) and ypserv(8) for an overview of NIS.


  The ypxfrd daemon transfers NIS maps stored as ndbm files only. It does not
  transfer maps	stored as btree	or hash	files.


      The ypxrfd log file. Each	cluster	member has its own copy.


  Commands: yppush(8), ypserv(8), ypxfr(8)

  Files: ypfiles(4)