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wwsetup(8)							   wwsetup(8)


  wwsetup, wnn - Sets up the 8-bit option for sendmail and the Wnn
  character-cell input method for Japanese




  The wwsetup script performs one or both of the following tasks:

    +  Enables or disables 8-bit transmission code, which is an	option sup-
       ported by sendmail software

       By default, sendmail uses the 7-bit SMTP	mail transmission protocol
       that is the standard for	sending	mail over a TCP/IP network. Note that
       enabling	the 8-bit option is not	generally recommended because it
       violates	the SMTP mail transmission protocol.

    +  Configures the Wnn software that	supports a character-cell input
       method that is widely used in Japan

       If the Tru64 UNIX IOSJPWNNnnn subset is installed, the wwsetup script
       asks if you want	to create the following	links if they do not already
       exist on	the system:

       /usr/local/bin/Wnn4 -->> /usr/i18n/bin/Wnn4
       /usr/local/bin/wnn -->> /usr/i18n/lib/wnn

       The script also prompts you to enter the	password for Wnn dictionaries
       if they do not already exist on the system.

       Both the	links and the dictionary password must be in place before Wnn
       software	can be used.


  Commands: sendmail(8), jserver(1wnn)

  Note that the	jserver(1wnn) reference	page is	available only in Japanese
  and is included in the subset	that contains Japanese translations of refer-
  ence pages.

  Others: i18n_intro(5), Japanese(5), l10n_intro(5)