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volsave(8)							   volsave(8)
Patchkit 6							   Patchkit 6


  volsave - Saves a Logical Storage Manager (LSM) configuration


  /usr/sbin/volsave [-d	dir]


  -d dir
      Directs the backup information to	the directory specified	by dir.	This
      directory	must not already exist.


  You can save the LSM configuration records for a disk	group by saving	the
  output of the	volprint(8) utility in a description file that the volmake(8)
  utility can use. The volsave command provides	an easy	way to save this con-
  figuration information for all disk groups. In addition, volsave saves a
  list of the disks that are under LSM control and their attributes. The LSM
  configuration	can be restored	using the volrestore command.

  The volsave command creates an LSM description set that consists of a
  header file and other	files containing information about the LSM configura-
  tion.	Refer to the FILES section for details on the contents of these

  By default, the description set is saved to a	timestamped directory in
  /usr/var/lsm/db (for example,	/usr/var/lsm/db/LSM.19970727131520.skylark).

  The -d option	can be used with volsave to specify a particular directory
  for the saved	configuration. In this case, the -d option must	also be	used
  with volrestore when restoring the configuration.


  You may receive the following	error message when using the -d	dir option
  with the volsave command:

    +  Directory dir already exists

       This message indicates that the directory you specified is already in
       use. The	LSM configuration can only be saved to a directory that	does
       not yet exist. You can specify a	new directory name, or enter the vol-
       save command without the	-d option and let volsave create a new,
       timestamped directory in	/usr/var/lsm/db.


      Default directory	in which volsave creates the timestamped subdirec-
      tories with LSM description sets.

      Timestamped subdirectory containing LSM description sets (the header,
      voldisk.list, and	volboot	files).	Also contains subdirectories for each
      disk group, named	diskgroup.d; for example, rootdg.d.

      Description file that can	be used	by the volmake command for all
      volumes, plexes, and subdisks in a disk group. There is one file for
      each disk	group, stored in the diskgroup.d subdirectory.

      A	description of the disks. This file is the output of the voldisk list

      A	description of the disk	group based on information from	the voldg
      list diskgroup command. There is one file	for each disk group, stored
      in the diskgroup.d subdirectory.

      Saved copy of the	/etc/vol/volboot file.

      File containing the checksum, a magic number, the	date of	the file's
      creation,	and the	version	of the volsave command,	that volrestore	vali-
      dates before executing.


  volmake(4), volrestore(8), volprint(8), volmake(8)

  Logical Storage Manager