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VGCHANGE(8)                 System Manager's Manual                VGCHANGE(8)

       vgchange - change attributes of a volume group

       vgchange  [--addtag  Tag]  [--alloc  AllocationPolicy] [-A|--autobackup
       {y|n}]  [-a|--available  [e|l]  {y|n}]  [-d|--debug]   [--deltag   Tag]
       [-h|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure] [-l|--logicalvolume MaxLogicalVol-
       umes]    [-P|--partial]    [-t|--test]    [-v|--verbose]    [--version]
       [-x|--resizeable {y|n}] [VolumeGroupName...]

       vgchange  allows  you  to  change  the attributes of one or more volume
       groups.  Its main purpose is to activate  and  deactivate  VolumeGroup-
       Name,  or  all  volume groups if none is specified.  Only active volume
       groups are subject to changes and allow access to  their  logical  vol-
       umes.   [Not  yet  implemented:  During  volume  group  activation,  if
       vgchange recognizes snapshot logical volumes which were dropped because
       they  ran out of space, it displays a message informing the administra-
       tor that such snapshots should be removed (see lvremove(8)).  ]

       See lvm for common options.

       -A, --autobackup{y|n}
              Controls automatic backup of metadata  after  the  change.   See
              vgcfgbackup (8).  Default is yes.

       -a, --available[e|l]{y|n}
              Controls  the  availability of the logical volumes in the volume
              group for input/output.  In other words, makes the logical  vol-
              umes known/unknown to the kernel.

              If  clustered locking is enabled, add 'e' to activate/deactivate
              exclusively on one node or 'l' to  activate/deactivate  only  on
              the  local node.  Logical volumes with single-host snapshots are
              always activated exclusively because they can only  be  used  on
              one node at once.

       -l, --logicalvolume MaxLogicalVolumes
              Changes  the  maximum logical volume number of an existing inac-
              tive volume group.

       -x, --resizeable{y|n}
              Enables or disables the extension/reduction of this volume group
              with/by physical volumes.

       To activate all known volume groups in the system:

            vgchange -a y

       To  change  the  maximum  number  of logical volumes of inactive volume
       group vg00 to 128.

            vgchange -l 128 /dev/vg00

       lvchange(8), lvm(8), vgcreate(8)

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