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UUPOLL(8)                 BSD System Manager's Manual                UUPOLL(8)

     uupoll - poll a remote UUCP site

     uupoll [-ggrade] [-n] system

     Uupoll is used to force a poll of a remote system. It queues a null job
     for the remote system and then invokes uucico(8).

     The following options are available:

     -ggrade     Only send jobs of grade grade or higher on this call.

     -n          Queue the null job, but do not invoke uucico.

     Uupoll is usually run by cron(5) or by a user who wants to hurry a job
     along. A typical entry in crontab could be:

     0    0,8,16     *    *    *    daemon    /usr/bin/uupoll ihnp4
     0    4,12,20    *    *    *    daemon    /usr/bin/uupoll ucbvax

     This will poll ihnp4 at midnight, 0800, and 1600, and ucbvax at 0400,
     noon, and 2000.

     If the local machine is already running uucico every hour and has a lim-
     ited number of outgoing modems, a more elegant approach might be:

     0    0,8,16    *    *    *    daemon    /usr/bin/uupoll -n ihnp4
     0    4,12,20   *    *    *    daemon    /usr/bin/uupoll -n ucbvax
     5        *     *    *    *    daemon    /usr/lib/uucp/uucico -r1

     This will queue null jobs for the remote sites at the top of hour; they
     will be processed by uucico when it runs five minutes later.

     /usr/lib/uucp/UUCP  internal files/utilities
     /var/spool/uucp/    Spool directory

     uucp(1),  uux(1),  uucico(8)

     The uupoll command appeared in 4.3BSD.

4.3 Berkeley Distribution        June 6, 1993                                1