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update-devfsd(8)                    devfsd                    update-devfsd(8)

       update-devfsd - recreate /etc/devfs/dir.conf and restart devfsd.

       This  program  creates  a new symlinks.list file (which lists all files
       containing sym-links), and a new devices.list  file  (which  lists  all
       files  containing  details  of  devices  to  create)  and then restarts

       It should be run whenever a script  or  installation  program  makes  a
       change  to  a  devfsd  config  file.  Also the administrator can run it
       because it's less typing than "/etc/init.d/devfsd force-reload".

       It takes a parameter "-n" if you want it  to  not  cause  a  rescan  of
       device (just load a new config file), or a parameter of "-f" to force a
       restart of the daemon (if you have installed a new version of a  shared

       Note  that  the symlinks.list and devices.list files are not created if
       there would be no valid content for them.

russellATcoker.au               1.3.25-1                   update-devfsd(8)