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UNIX_CHKPWD(8)                 Linux-PAM Manual                 UNIX_CHKPWD(8)

       unix_chkpwd - check the password of the invoking user

       <not invoked manually>

       A  helper  binary  for the pam_unix module, unix_chkpwd, is provided to
       check the user's password when it is stored in a read  protected  data-
       base,  such  as shadow'd passwords. This binary is very simple and will
       only check the password of the user invoking it. It is called transpar-
       ently  on  behalf  of  the  user by the authenticating component of the
       pam_unix module. In this way it is possible for applications like xlock
       to work work without being setuid root.

       This  program  is  not intended to be called directly by users and will
       log to syslog if it is called improperly (i.e., by  someone  trying  to
       exploit it).

Linux-PAM 0.69                    4 Jun 1999                    UNIX_CHKPWD(8)