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UNADV(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   UNADV(8)

       unadv - unadvertise a Remote File Sharing resource

       unadv resource

       This  program  is  available with the RFS software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       unadv unadvertises a Remote File Sharing (RFS) resource, which  is  the
       advertised  symbolic name of a local directory, by removing it from the
       advertised information on the domain name server.  unadv prevents  sub-
       sequent  remote  mounts of that resource.  It does not affect continued
       access through existing remote or local mounts.

       An administrator at a server can unadvertise only those resources  that
       physically  reside  on  the  local machine.  A domain administrator can
       unadvertise any resource in the domain from the primary name server  by
       specifying  resource  name  as domain.resource.  A domain administrator
       should only unadvertise another hosts resources to clean up the  domain
       advertise table when that host goes down.  Unadvertising another host's
       resource changes the domain advertise table, but not the host advertise

       This command is restricted to the super-user.

       If  resource  is not found in the advertised information, an error mes-
       sage will be sent to standard error.

       adv(8), fumount(8), nsquery(8)

                                 30 June 1988                         UNADV(8)