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MOUNT_TFS(8)                System Manager's Manual               MOUNT_TFS(8)

       mount_tfs, umount_tfs - mount and dismount TFS filesystems

       /usr/etc/mount_tfs [ -r ] fs1 fs2 ...  fsN dir
       /usr/etc/mount -t tfs [ -o options ] fs dir

       /usr/etc/umount_tfs dir
       /usr/etc/umount dir

       mount_tfs  attaches  a translucent file service (TFS) filesystem to the
       directory dir.  After the mount, the directory dir is a  TFS  directory
       whose  frontmost  directory is fs1 and whose backmost directory is dir,
       with any number of directories intervening.  Effectively, the  directo-
       ries fs1 ... fsN are stacked in front of dir.)

       TFS  filesystems  can  also be mounted using the mount(8) command.  The
       mount command can only mount one directory, fs, in front of  the  back-
       most directory, dir.

       umount_tfs  detaches the TFS filesystem rooted at dir.  See tfs(4S) for
       a description of a TFS filesystem.

       -r     Mount the TFS filesystem read-only.

       lsw(1), unwhiteout(1), tfs(4S), mount(8), tfsd(8)

       mount_tfs will cause tfsd(8) to  deadlock  (hang  and  answer  no  more
       requests)  if  it is used in conjunction with Network Software Environ-
       ment (NSE) execsets.  For example, a deadlock will occur if a user  has
       used  mount_tfs  to  mount over /usr/lib, and then tries to activate an
       NSE environment whose execset mounts over /usr/lib.

       The directories fs1, fs2, ..., fsN must be writable.

                               23 November 1988                   MOUNT_TFS(8)