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TFTPD(8C)                                                            TFTPD(8C)

       tftpd - DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server

       /etc/tftpd [ -d ] [ port ]

       Tftpd is a server which supports the DARPA Trivial File Transfer Proto-
       col.  The TFTP server operates at the port indicated  in  the  ``tftp''
       service description; see services(5).  This port number may be overrid-
       den (for debugging purposes) by specifying a port number on the command
       line.  If the -d option is specified, each socket created by tftpd will
       have debugging enabled (see SO_DEBUG in socket(2)).

       The use of tftp does not require an account or password on  the  remote
       system.   Due  to  the  lack  of authentication information, tftpd will
       allow only publicly readable files to  be  accessed.   Note  that  this
       extends  the  concept  of  ``public'' to include all users on all hosts
       that can be reached through the network; this may not be appropriate on
       all  systems, and its implications should be considered before enabling
       tftp service.


       This server is known only to be self consistent (i.e. it operates  with
       the  user  TFTP  program,  tftp(1C)).   Due to the unreliability of the
       transport protocol (UDP) and the scarcity of TFTP  implementations,  it
       is uncertain whether it really works.

       The search permissions of the directories leading to the files accessed
       are not checked.

4th Berkeley Distribution        4 March 1983                        TFTPD(8C)