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sysman(8)							    sysman(8)


  sysman - Front end command used to invoke several SysMan services


  /usr/sbin/sysman -menu

  /usr/sbin/sysman -station

  /usr/sbin/sysman -cli

  /usr/sbin/sysman -clone

  /usr/sbin/sysman -help


      Launches the SysMan Menu (sysman_menu(8)).

      Launches the SysMan Station (sysman_station(8)).

      Command line interface for manipulating system management	data

      Saves and	replicates SysMan configuration	information for	installation
      cloning (sysman_clone(8)).  Cloning is not supported in a	cluster

      Displays help on the sysman command.


  The sysman command provides a	common interface for invoking several SysMan

  SysMan Menu
	  A menu driven, task oriented system management tool. SysMan Menu
	  and its associated tasks can run on a	character cell terminal, an X
	  Windows display, from	a PC, or from a	Web browser.

  SysMan Station
	  A graphical interface	for monitoring and managing a single or	clus-
	  ter system.  The SysMan Menu and its specific	tasks can be launched
	  from the SysMan Station.

  SysMan Command Line Interface
	  Provides a generic command line interface to the System Management
	  (SysMan) data.

  SysMan Cloning
	  Saves	certain	SysMan configuration information from a	previously
	  configured system and	replicate that configuration information
	  across one or	more clients.

  For more information on a specific command, please refer to the specific
  reference page. For the SysMan Menu and the SysMan Station, you also can
  refer	to the online help.


  Commands: sysman_menu(8), sysman_station(8), sysman_cli(8), sysman_clone(8)

  System Administration