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SUNINSTALL(8)               System Manager's Manual              SUNINSTALL(8)

       suninstall - install and upgrade the SunOS operating system


       suninstall  is a forms-based subsystem for installing and upgrading the
       SunOS  operating  system.   Unlike  previous  installation  subsystems,
       suninstall does not require recapitulation of an interrupted procedure;
       you can pick up where you left off.  A  new  invocation  of  suninstall
       displays  the  saved  information and offers the user an opportunity to
       make any needed alterations before it proceeds.

       Note: suninstall only exists  in  the  mini-root  and  should  only  be
       invoked from there (see

       suninstall  allows installation of the operating system onto any system
       configuration, be it standalone, dataless, a homogeneous  file  server,
       or  a  heterogeneous  server.   It installs the various versions of the
       operating system needed by clients on a heterogeneous file server, from
       any Sun distribution media format.  The number of different system ver-
       sions that can be installed is only limited to the  disk  space  avail-

       After   the   initial  installation,  the  suninstall  utility  program
       add_client(8) adds clients while the server  is  running  in  multiuser
       mode.   The  suninstall  add_services(8)  program converts a standalone
       system or server into a heterogeneous file server,  without  rebooting,
       while  the  system  is running in multiuser mode.  To remove a diskless
       client, use the suninstall rm_client(8) program in multiuser mode.

       To abort the installation procedure, use the interrupt character (typi-
       cally CTRL-C).

       Refer to for more information on the various menus and selections.

       /usr/etc/install         directory containing installation programs and
       /usr/etc/install/xdrtoc  subsystem utility program
       /etc/install             directory containing suninstall data files

       add_client(8), add_services(8), extract_unbundled(8), rm_client(8)

       It is advisable to exit suninstall through the exit  options  from  the
       suninstall menus.

                                13 January 1990                  SUNINSTALL(8)