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stripe(8)							    stripe(8)


  stripe - Stripes a file across several volumes in a file domain


  /usr/sbin/stripe -n  volume_count filename


  -n volume_count
      Specifies	the number of volumes the striped file crosses.	The number of
      volumes must be greater than one.


      Specifies	the name of the	file to	stripe.


  The stripe utility enables you to improve the	read/write performance of a
  file.	The stripe utility directs a zero-length file (a file with no data
  written to it	yet) to	be spread evenly across	several	volumes	within a file
  domain.  As data is appended to the file, the	data is	spread across the
  volumes. AdvFS determines the	number of pages	per stripe segment and alter-
  nates	the segments among the disks in	a sequential pattern.

  Existing, nonzero-length files cannot	be striped using the stripe utility.
  To stripe an existing	file, create a new file, use the stripe	utility	to
  stripe the new file, and copy	the contents of	the file you want to stripe
  into the new striped file. After copying the file, delete the	nonstriped

  Once a file is striped, you cannot use the stripe utility to modify the
  number of disks that a striped file crosses. To change the volume count of
  a striped file, you can create a second file with a new volume count,	and
  then copy the	contents of the	first file into	the second file. After copy-
  ing the file,	delete the first file.


  You cannot stripe a nonzero-length file or a file that is already striped.


   1.  The following example stripes the file abc across three volumes in the
       same file domain:
	    # stripe -n	3 abc

   2.  The following example stripes an	existing, nonzero-length file, foo,
       across three volumes in the same	domain.	First a	new file, newfoo, is
       created and striped. Then, the contents of file foo are copied to the
       new, striped file:
	    # touch newfoo
	    # stripe -n	3 newfoo
	    # cp foo newfoo


  advfs(4), showfile(8)