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STICKY(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  STICKY(8)

       sticky - executable files with persistent text

       While the `sticky bit', mode 01000 (see chmod(2)), is set on a sharable
       executable file, the text of that file will not  be  removed  from  the
       system  swap  area.  Thus the file does not have to be fetched from the
       file system upon each execution.  As long as a copy remains in the swap
       area,  the  original text cannot be overwritten in the file system, nor
       can the file be deleted.  (Directory entries can be removed so long  as
       one link remains.)

       Sharable files are made by the -n and -z options of ld(1).

       To  replace  a  sticky file that has been used do: (1) Clear the sticky
       bit with chmod(1).  (2) Execute the old program to  flush  the  swapped
       copy.   This can be done safely even if others are using it.  (3) Over-
       write the sticky file.  If the file is being executed by  any  process,
       writing  will  be  prevented; it suffices to simply remove the file and
       then rewrite it, being careful to reset the owner and mode  with  chmod
       and chown(2).  (4) Set the sticky bit again.

       Only the super-user can set the sticky bit.

       Are self-evident.

       Is largely unnecessary on the VAX; matters only for large programs that
       will page heavily to start, since text pages are normally cached incore
       as long as possible after all instances of a text image exit.

4th Berkeley Distribution       4 February 1983                      STICKY(8)