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STARTSLIP(1)                 BSD Reference Manual                 STARTSLIP(1)

     startslip - dial up and login to a slip server

     startslip [-d] [-s string] [-A annexname] [-F flowcontrol] device user

     Startslip opens the specified device.

     Once carrier is asserted startslip attempts to login as the specified
     user with the given password. If successful, it puts the device into the
     slip line discipline.  If carrier drops and a SIGHUP is sent to
     startslip, it closes the device and attempts to repeat the dialup and lo-
     gin sequence.

     Available options:

     -d            Startslip prints out debugging information about what it is
                   trying to do.

     -s string     The optional string is written to device. For a dialup mo-
                   dem, the string is used to specify a dial sequence.

     -A annexname  Startslip assumes it is connecting to a Xylogics Annex box
                   and engages in an appropriate dialog using the user and
                   passwd arguments.  The annexname argument is a string that
                   is used to match against the Annex prompt to determine when
                   a connection has been established.

     -F flowcontrol
                   Determines the type of flow control used on device. Choices
                   for flowcontrol are ``none'' for no flow control (the de-
                   fault), ``hw'' for hardware RTS/CTS flow control and ``sw''
                   for software XON/XOFF flow control.


     The startslip appeared in 4.4BSD.

4.4BSD                           June 5, 1993                                1