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SPAMLOGD(8)             OpenBSD System Manager's Manual            SPAMLOGD(8)

     spamlogd - spamd whitelist updating daemon

     spamlogd [-I] [-i interface]

     spamlogd manipulates the spamd(8) database in /var/db/spamd used for
     spamd(8) greylisting.  spamlogd updates the /var/db/spamd whitelist en-
     tries whenever a connection to port 25 is logged to the pflog(4) inter-
     face.  The source addresses of inbound connections are whitelisted when
     seen by spamlogd to ensure that their entries in /var/db/spamd do not ex-
     pire if the connecting host continues to send legitimate mail.  The des-
     tination addresses of outbound connections are whitelisted when seen by
     spamlogd so that replies to outbound mail may be received without initial
     greylisting delays (see GREYLISTING in spamd(8)).

     The options are as follows:

     -I      Specify that spamlogd is only to whitelist inbound SMTP connec-
             tions.  By default spamlogd will whitelist the source of inbound
             SMTP connections, and the target of outbound SMTP connections.

     -i interface
             Specify a network interface on which packets must arrive.  The
             default is to watch for connections logged from any interfaces.

     It is important to be sure to log any connections to and from your real
     MTA in order for spamlogd to update the whitelist entries.  An example
     pf.conf(5) configuration for logging such connections is as follows:

           EXT_IF = "fxp0"
           MAILHOSTS = "{,}"
           pass in log on $EXT_IF inet proto tcp to $MAILHOSTS \
                   port smtp keep state
           pass out log on $EXT_IF inet proto tcp from $MAILHOSTS \
                   to any port smtp keep state

     spamlogd sends log messages to syslogd(8) using facility daemon.
     spamlogd will log each connection it sees at level LOG_DEBUG.


     syslog(3), pflog(4), spamd.conf(5), pflogd(8), spamd(8), spamd-setup(8),
     spamdb(8), syslogd(8), tcpdump(8)

     The spamlogd command first appeared in OpenBSD 3.5.

OpenBSD 3.6                    February 16, 2004                             1