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snmp_traprcv(8)						      snmp_traprcv(8)


  snmp_traprcv - A program that	listens	for SNMP trap messages and prints any
  it receives


  /usr/sbin/snmp_traprcv [-d] [-tcp] [-p port]


  -d  Sends a hexadecimal dump of the received packet to stdout.

      Specifies	that the TCP transport be used instead of the UDP transport.
      If a connection cannot be	established, the program silently receives
      the trap on the standard transport address (UDP 162).

  -p port
      Specifies	the port number	on the local host on which to listen to	mes-
      sages. The default is 162, the well-known	SNMP trap port.


  The snmp_traprcv program listens on the SNMP Trap port specified in the
  /etc/services	file.  If no entry exists in the /etc/services file, the pro-
  gram listens on port 162.  If	any SNMP trap messages arrive, snmp_traprcv
  prints them to stdout.  The program runs until terminated by typing Ctrl/c.


  When using the default or well-known port, you must have root	privileges in
  order	to run this program.  The program may not be able to bind to the
  default or specified port if other software on the system is already bound
  to that port.


  Commands: snmpd(8), snmp_request(8), snmp_trapsnd(8)