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siacfg(8)							    siacfg(8)


  siacfg - Update a matrix.conf	file for adding	or removing SIA	mechanisms


  /usr/sbin/siacfg [-[arul]] [-g group_codes] [-[PA]] [-R other_mech] [-D]
  [-F matrix_file] name	path


  -a	Add a new mechanism.  Mutually exclusive with -r, -u, and -l.

  -r	Remove a mechanism.  Mutually exclusive	with -a, -u, and -l.  The
	path parameter is optional when	this flag is specified.

  -u	Update a mechanism.  Mutually exclusive	with -a, -r, and -l.  Used
	when a new version of a	mechanism is installed which supports more of
	the entrypoints.

  -l	Change the definition of the local mechanism.  Mutually	exclusive
	with -a, -r, and -u.  This should only be used with the	SIA mechan-
	isms supplied by Compaq.

  -g group_codes
	Specify	which functional groups	are supported by the given mechanism.
	The functional groups are specified by the following characters	for
	use with the -g	option:

	s     The session routines (siad_ses_*(), siad_chk_invoker()).

	p     The *pwent routines (siad_setpwent(), siad_endpwent(),
	      siad_getpwent(), siad_getpwuid(),	siad_getpwnam()).

	g     The *grent routines (siad_setgrent(), siad_endgrent(),
	      siad_getgrent(), siad_getgrgid(),	siad_getgrnam()).

	c     The change routines (siad_chk_user(), siad_chg_*()).

	i     The *init	routine	(siad_init()).

	      The i code is not	truly optional,	and will be assumed even if
	      it is not	specified.  It is provided as an option	for the	-g
	      flag so that a mechanism which supports nothing else can be
	      specified.  It is	an error to support the	change routines
	      without supporting the session routines.

	      If this flag is not specified, an	attempt	will be	made to
	      determine	which routines are supported by	the associated shared
	      library by using dlopen()	and dlsym() to find the	corresponding

  -P	Prepend.  Only meaningful with -a, and mutually	exclusive with -A.
	Specifies that this mechanism should be	added as the very first	one
	to be tried.  This is the default behavior.

  -A	Append.	 Only meaningful with -a, and mutually exclusive with -P.
	Specifies that this mechanism should be	added as the very last non-
	local mechanism.

  -R other_mech
	Relative positioning.  Only meaningful with -A or -P, this option
	modifies the meaning of	those options to specify an insertion point
	relative to the	specified other	mechanism.  For	-A this	will be
	immediately after it, and for -P it will be immediately	before it.


  name	The name to be associated with the given mechanism, such as DCE, BSD,

  path	The path to the	shared library which contains the entry	points for
	this mechanism.	 Required for all but the -r option.


  The siacfg utility provides a	way to update the /etc/sia/matrix.conf files
  without the errors which are likely during hand-editing.  The	use of this
  utility also prevents	the proliferation of pre-built configuration files
  which	result from trying to supply pre-built configurations in support of
  systems with BASE or ENHANCED	security, with or without DCE, and with	or
  without ASDU.


  An example of	how to use this	utility	to convert from	BASE to	ENHANCED

  # siacfg -l -g isc OSFC2 /usr/shlib/libsecurity.so

  To add DCE SIA support to a system:

  # siacfg -a DCE /usr/shlib/libdcesiad.so

  To remove DCE	from the matrix.conf file:

  # siacfg -r DCE

  To create a default BSD matrix.conf file:

  # siacfg -l BSD libc.so

  To create a default enhanced security	matrix.conf file:

  # siacfg -l OSFC2 /usr/shlib/libsecurity.so



	     SIA mechanism configuration file.


  Files: matrix.conf(4)