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SHUTDOWN(8)                 System Manager's Manual                SHUTDOWN(8)

       shutdown - close down the system at a given time

       /usr/etc/shutdown [ -fhknr ] time [ warning-message ...  ]

       shutdown  provides an automated procedure to notify users when the sys-
       tem is to be shut down.  time specifies when shutdown  will  bring  the
       system down; it may be the word now (indicating an immediate shutdown),
       or it may specify a future time in one  of  two  formats:  +number  and
       hour:min.  The first form brings the system down in number minutes, and
       the second brings the system down at  the  time  of  day  indicated  in
       24-hour notation.

       At intervals that get closer as the apocalypse approaches, warning mes-
       sages are displayed at terminals of all logged-in users, and  of  users
       who  have remote mounts on that machine.  Five minutes before shutdown,
       or immediately if shutdown is in less than 5 minutes, logins  are  dis-
       abled  by  creating  /etc/nologin and writing a message there.  If this
       file exists when a user attempts to log in, login(1)  prints  its  con-
       tents and exits.  The file is removed just before shutdown exits.

       At  shutdown  time  a message is written to the system log daemon, sys-
       logd(8), containing the time of shutdown, the instigator of  the  shut-
       down,  and  the reason.  Then a terminate signal is sent to init, which
       brings the system down to single-user mode.

       The time of  the  shutdown  and  the  warning  message  are  placed  in
       /etc/nologin,  which  should be used to inform the users as to when the
       system will be back up, and why it is going down (or anything else).

       As an alternative to the above procedure, these options can  be  speci-

       -f     Shut  the  system  down  in  the  manner  of fasthalt (see fast-
              boot(8)), so that when the system is rebooted, the file  systems
              are not checked.

       -h     Execute halt(8).

       -k     Simulate  shutdown  of the system. Do not actually shut down the

       -n     Prevent the normal sync(2) before stopping.

       -r     Execute reboot(8).

       /etc/nologin        tells login not to let anyone log in
       /etc/xtab           list of remote hosts that have mounted this host

       login(1), sync(2), fastboot(8), halt(8), reboot(8), syslogd(8)

       Only allows you to bring the system down between "now" and 23:59 if you
       use the absolute time for shutdown.

                                  1 July 1990                      SHUTDOWN(8)