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SHUTDOWN(8)                 System Manager's Manual                SHUTDOWN(8)

       shutdown - close down the system at a given time

       /etc/shutdown [ -k ] [ -r ] [ -h ] time [ warning-message ... ]

       Shutdown  provides  an  automated shutdown procedure which a super-user
       can use to notify users nicely when the system is shutting down, saving
       them  from  system administrators, hackers, and gurus, who would other-
       wise not bother with niceties.

       Time is the time at which shutdown will bring the system down  and  may
       be  the word now (indicating an immediate shutdown) or specify a future
       time in one of two formats:  +number  and  hour:min.   The  first  form
       brings the system down in number minutes and the second brings the sys-
       tem down at the time of day indicated (as a 24-hour clock).

       At intervals which get closer together as apocalypse approaches,  warn-
       ing messages are displayed at the terminals of all users on the system.
       Five minutes before shutdown, or immediately if  shutdown  is  in  less
       than  5 minutes, logins are disabled by creating /etc/nologin and writ-
       ing a message there.  If this file exists when a user attempts  to  log
       in,  login(1)  prints its contents and exits.  The file is removed just
       before shutdown exits.

       At shutdown time a message is written in the file /usr/adm/shutdownlog,
       containing the time of shutdown, who ran shutdown and the reason.  Then
       a terminate signal is sent at init to bring the system down to  single-
       user  state.   Alternatively,  if -r, -h, or -k was used, then shutdown
       will exec  reboot(8),  halt(8),  or  avoid  shutting  the  system  down
       (respectively).   (If  it isn't obvious, -k is to make people think the
       system is going down!)

       The time of  the  shutdown  and  the  warning  message  are  placed  in
       /etc/nologin and should be used to inform the users about when the sys-
       tem will be back up and why it is going down (or anything else).

       /etc/nologin   tells login not to let anyone log in
       /usr/adm/shutdownlog     log file for successful shutdowns.

       login(1), reboot(8)

       Only allows you to kill the system between now and 23:59 if you use the
       absolute time for shutdown.

4th Berkeley Distribution        1 April 1981                      SHUTDOWN(8)