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showfdmn(8)							  showfdmn(8)


  showfdmn - Display attributes	of an AdvFS file domain


  /sbin/showfdmn [-k] domain


  -k  Displays the total number	of blocks and the number of free blocks	in
      terms of 1K blocks.


      Specifies	the name of an existing	AdvFS file domain.


  The showfdmn command displays	the attributes of a file domain	and detailed
  information about each volume	in the file domain.

  The command displays the following file domain attributes:

    +  Id

       A unique	number (in hexadecimal format) that identifies a file domain.

    +  Date Created

       The day,	month, and time	that a file domain was created.

    +  LogPgs

       The number of 8-kilobyte	pages in the transaction log of	the specified
       file domain.

    +  Version

       An internal-use-only version number for the AdvFS on-disk data struc-
       tures.  This number is not related to the version number	of the base
       operating system.

    +  Domain Name

       The name	of the file domain.

  The command also displays the	following volume information:

    +  Vol

       The volume number within	the file domain. An L next to the number
       indicates that the volume contains the transaction log.

    +  512-Blks

       The size	of the volume in 512-byte blocks.

    +  1K-Blks

       The size	of the volume in 1K blocks.

    +  Free

       The number of blocks in a volume	that are available for use.

    +  % Used

       The percent of volume space that	is currently allocated to files	or

    +  Cmode

       The I/O consolidation mode.  The	default	mode is	on.

    +  Rblks

       The maximum number of 512-byte blocks read from the volume at one

    +  Wblks

       The maximum number of 512-byte blocks written to	the volume at one

    +  Vol Name

       The name	of the special device file for the volume.

  For multi-volume file	domains, the showfdmn command also displays the	total
  volume size, total number of free blocks, and	the total percent of volume
  space	currently allocated.


  A file domain	must be	active before the showfdmn command can display volume
  information.	A file domain is active	when at	least one fileset in the file
  domain is mounted.


   1.  The following example displays domain information for the usr_domain
       file domain:
	    % showfdmn usr_domain

		     Id		  Date Created	 LogPgs	Version	Domain Name
	    2b5361ba.000791be Tue Jan 12 16:26 1999 256	      4	usr_domain

	    Vol	 512-Blks   Free % Used	Cmode Rblks Wblks Vol Name
	     1L	   820164 351580    57%	   on	256   256 /dev/disk/dsk0d

   2.  To display information on all file domains on a system, enter the fol-
       lowing sequence of commands:
	    % cd /etc/fdmns
	    % showfdmn *


  Commands: chvol(8), mkfdmn(8)

  Files: advfs(4)