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shblk(8)							     shblk(8)


  shblk	- Displays disk	blocks,	as unformatted hexadecimal numbers


  /sbin/advfs/shblk [-sb start_block] [-bc block_count]	special


  -sb start_block
      Specifies	the block on which to start.

  -bc block_count
      Specifies	the number of blocks to	display.


      Specifies	the device special file	for the	volume on which	the block(s)
      are located. You can specify the volume by either	its character or
      block device special file	name.

      If you are executing the command from the	mount point for	the volume,
      you must specify the character device special file, as specifying	the
      block device special file	produces a device busy error.


  The shblk command displays the selected blocks as hexadecimal	numbers.  The
  blocks are not formatted to any data or metadata representation.

  You must be the root user to use this	command.


  The following	example	shows a	user whose current file	system is mounted on
  /dev/disk/dsk3a attempting to	display	block 1	of the a partition on that
  device.  Using the block device special file for the command does not	work;
  using	the character device special file does work.  The display is trun-
  cated	on the right due to page width limitations:

       # /sbin/advfs/shblk -sb 1 -bc 1 /dev/disk/dsk3a
       open: Device busy
       # /sbin/advfs/shblk -sb 1 -bc 1 /dev/rdisk/dsk3a

       1: 47ff041f c0200002 20009800 00000000 a7a10000 d340000a	43c4153e 4...
       1: b7fe0018 47ff0411 47ff0412 d34000e8 00000000 47ff041f	2ffe0000 4...
       1: 243d0000 20218050 245d0000 204243e0 b7e10000 40211401	40410524 f...
       1: 6bfa8001 47ff041f 2ffe0000 47ff041f 243dffff 23deffe0	20217f90 b...
       1: a4410000 b53e0008 b55e0010 b57e0018 e440000b 47f00409	47e1040a 4...
       1: a62a0000 47e90410 d34004ad e400000c a42a0008 214a0008	4160300b f...
       1: 201fffff a75e0000 a53e0008 a55e0010 a57e0018 23de0020	6b9a8001 2...
       1: 47eb0400 c3fffff7 47ff041f 47ff041f 23defff0 43f00011	b75e0000 4...
       1: 47ff0412 47ff0413 47ff0414 47ff0415 d3400083 4807f680	a75e0000 4...
       1: 40003520 23de0010 6b9a8001 47ff041f 23defff0 b75e0000	b53e0008 4...
       1: d340049f 47e00412 47e21410 47e90411 47ff0413 47ff0414	47ff0415 d...
       1: 4807d689 45207009 e5200002 201fffff c3e00001 43e00000	a75e0000 a...
       1: 23de0010 6b9a8001 47ff041f 47ff041f 23deffe0 b75e0000	b53e0008 b...
       1: 47f00409 d3400486 203f03ff 47e0040a 400107a2 4441048a	e540000c 2...
       1: 47e05410 47ff0411 47e90412 47e03413 47ff0414 47ff0415	d3400051 e...
       1: 4140352a 21290001 f55ffff5 a75e0000 a53e0008 a55e0010	23de0020 6...


  advfs(4), fs(4)