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SHADOWCONFIG(8)             System Manager's Manual            SHADOWCONFIG(8)

       shadowconfig - toggle shadow passwords on and off

       shadowconfig on | off

       shadowconfig  on  will  turn shadow passwords on; shadowconfig off will
       turn shadow passwords off.  shadowconfig will print  an  error  message
       and  exit  with a nonzero code if it finds anything awry.  If that hap-
       pens, you should correct the error and run it again.

       Turning shadow passwords on when they are already on, or off when  they
       are already off, is harmless.

       Read  /usr/share/doc/passwd/README.Debian  for  a brief introduction to
       shadow passwords and related features.

       Note that turning shadow passwords off and on again will lose all pass-
       word aging information.

Debian GNU/Linux                  19 Apr 1997                  SHADOWCONFIG(8)