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secauthmigrate(8)					    secauthmigrate(8)


  secauthmigrate - Convert ULTRIX auth(5) authentication data to authcap(4)
  authentication data  (Enhanced Security)


  /usr/sbin/secauthmigrate [options] files

  ... |	/usr/sbin/secauthmigrate [options] -


  The secauthmigrate utility reads records from	the specified files or from
  standard input (-).  These records must be formatted according to the
  ULTRIX auth(Section 5) format.  These	can be generated by getauth on
  ULTRIX, or (for the Hesiod/BIND master host) can be found in
  /var/dss/namedb/src/auth.  For each authentication record found, secauthmi-
  grate	will attempt to	find a matching	username record	for the	given UID.
  If that translation can be performed,	an authcap(4) entry for	the extended
  profile information for that user is created from the	data in	the input
  record.  If the extended profile entry already exists, then the converted
  entry	is left	in /tcb/files/auth/?/username:ULT rather than overwrite	the
  entry	in /tcb/files/auth/?/username.

  If ROOTDIR is	defined, it is used instead of / as the	root of	the directory
  tree when creating the /tcb/files/auth/?/* files.


  -v   Indicate	successful conversions on standard output.

  -U   Give a long usage message.


  Failed to find name for UID #	xxxx --	skipped
  No BSD style (/etc/passwd or NIS data) account exists. If you	need this
  account, create a BSD	style account and run secauthmigrate again.

  Existing file	for username --	conversion saved in
  Extended profile already exists. Compare the files to	determine the differ-
  ences.  If the differences are not related to	the password, use the dxac-
  counts program to update the existing	file.  If the differences are related
  to the password, disable logins and edit the /tcb/files/auth/?/username

  secauthmigrate -- unrecognized option	'${opt}'
  The option you provided was not recognized.  The options are -v and -U.

  Usage: secauthmigrate	[options] files
      (Try secauthmigrate -U for help.)
  The -U option	provides extensive help.




  authcap(4), prpasswd(4)

  auth(Section 5) and getauth(Section 8) on ULTRIX.