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screenstat(8)							screenstat(8)


  screenstat - Show gateway screening statistics




  The screenstat command displays statistics about kernel gateway screening.
  The display is sent to the standard output.

  The format of	the screenstat report is as follows:

       total packets screened: 16754
       total accepted: 15149
       total rejected: 12
       packets dropped:
	       because buffer was full:	       0
	       because user was	out of sync:   0
	       because too old:	       1592
       total dropped:  1592

  The total packets screened count shows how many packets have been received
  for forwarding.  The accepted	and rejected counts show how many packets
  were forwarded or dropped based on instructions from a user-level process.
  The total dropped count shows	how many packets were dropped for other	rea-
  sons:	lack of	space in the kernel buffer, errors by a	user process, or
  packets that were queued for too long. If the	counts do not add up, some
  packets are currently	queued in the kernel.


  Commands: screend(8),	screenmode(8)

  Functions: screen(2)