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SAVECORE(8)                 System Manager's Manual                SAVECORE(8)

       savecore - save a core dump of the operating system

       /etc/savecore dirname [ system ]

       Savecore  is  meant to be called near the end of the /etc/rc file.  Its
       function is to save the core dump of the system (assuming one was made)
       and to write a reboot message in the shutdown log.

       Savecore  checks  the  core  dump to be certain it corresponds with the
       current running unix.  If it does it saves the core image in  the  file
       dirname/vmcore.n  and  it's brother, the namelist, dirname/vmunix.n The
       trailing ".n" in the pathnames is replaced  by  a  number  which  grows
       every time savecore is run in that directory.

       Before  savecore  writes  out  a core image, it reads a number from the
       file dirname/minfree.  If there are fewer free blocks on the filesystem
       which  contains dirname than the number obtained from the minfree file,
       the core dump is not  done.   If  the  minfree  file  does  not  exist,
       savecore always writes out the core file (assuming that a core dump was

       Savecore also writes a reboot message in the shut  down  log.   If  the
       system  crashed  as  a  result  of  a panic, savecore records the panic
       string in the shut down log too.

       If the core dump was from a system other than /vmunix, the name of that
       system must be supplied as sysname.

       /usr/adm/shutdownlog     shut down log
       /vmunix        current UNIX

       Can be fooled into thinking a core dump is the wrong size.

4th Berkeley Distribution        28 April 1981                     SAVECORE(8)