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sadc(8)                   BSD System Manager's Manual                  sadc(8)

     sadc -- system activity data collector

     /usr/lib/sa/sadc [-m mode] [t n] [ofile]

     The sadc tool is used to collect cumulative system activity data.  The
     sample system data is collected at intervals t seconds apart, in a loop n
     times.  The binary sample data is written to ofile if specified.  Other-
     wise, the binary data is written to stdout.  If the ofile file does not
     exist, it is created, otherwise it is truncated.

     sadc is intended to be used as the engine behind the sar(1) command, and
     is not typically invoked on the command line.  Two shell scripts, sa1 and
     sa2 are provided to drive the typical sampling, saving, and reporting

     The following options modify the way data is collected by sadc.

     -m mode  Modify the collection of system statistics as specified by mode.
              Currently only one mode is supported.

              PPP      By default, the collection of ppp network interface
                       statistics is turned off.  This is because the number
                       of ppp connections can be very high, causing the raw
                       data file to grow unexpectedly large, especially  when
                       samples are collected at short intervals.  Use the PPP
                       mode to turn the collection back on.

     /usr/lib/sa/sadc 15 20 /tmp/sample.out

     This call collects 20 samples at 15 second intervals.  The binary data is
     written to the /tmp/sample.out file

     /var/log/sa/sadd  Default daily activity file that holds the binary sam-
                       pling data.  dd are digits that represent the day of
                       the month.
     /usr/lib/sa/sa1   Shell script used to drive the sar data collection.
     /usr/lib/sa/sa2   Shell script used to drive the sar data reporting.

     sa1(8), sa2(8), sar(1), iostat(8), vm_stat(1), netstat(1), top(1),
     sc_usage(1), fs_usage(1)

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