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rpcinfo(8)							   rpcinfo(8)


  rpcinfo - report remote procedure call (RPC) information


  /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -p	[host]

  /usr/sbin/rpcinfo [-n	portnum] -u  host program-number [version-number]

  /usr/sbin/rpcinfo [-n	portnum] -t  host program-number [version-number]

  /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -b	program-number version-number

  /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -d	program-number version-number


  -b  Makes an RPC broadcast to	procedure 0 of the specified program and ver-
      sion using UDP and report	all hosts that respond.

  -d  Deletes registration for the RPC service of the specified	program	and
      version. This option can be executed only	by the superuser.

  -n portnum
      Uses portnum as the port number for the -t and -u	options	instead	of
      the port number given by the portmapper.

  -p  Probes the portmapper portmap(8),	running	on host, and print a list of
      all registered RPC programs. If host is not specified, rpcinfo defaults
      to the value returned by either hostname(1) or gethostname(2).

  -u  Makes an RPC call	to procedure 0 of program-number using the user
      datagram protocol	(UDP), and report whether a response was received.

  -t  Makes an RPC call	to procedure 0 of program-number using the transmis-
      sion control protocol (TCP), and report whether a	response was


  The rpcinfo command makes a remote procedure call (RPC) call to an RPC
  server and displays its findings based on the	specified options.  The
  program-number argument can be either	a name or a number.  If	a version is
  specified, rpcinfo attempts to call that version of the specified program.
  Otherwise, rpcinfo attempts to find all the registered version numbers for
  the specified	program	by calling version 0. If version 0 exists, rpcinfo
  attempts to obtain this information by calling an extremely high version
  number. The rpcinfo command then attempts to call each registered version.


   1.  To show all of the RPC services registered on the local machine,	use:
	    # rpcinfo -p

   2.  To ping the mountd service registered on	the machine named klaxon,
	    # rpcinfo -u klaxon	mountd

   3.  To show all machines on the local network that are running the ypserv
       daemon, use:
	    # rpcinfo -b ypserv	'version' | uniq

       where 'version' is the current NIS version obtained from	the results
       of the -p option.

   4.  To delete the registration for version 1	of the ypbind daemon, use:
	    # rpcinfo -d walld 1


      Names for	RPC program numbers


  Commands: hostname(1), portmap(8)

  Networking: tcp(7), udp(7)