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yppasswdd(8)							 yppasswdd(8)


  yppasswdd, rpc.yppasswdd - server daemon for modifying the Network Informa-
  tion Service (NIS) password file


  /usr/sbin/rpc.yppasswdd file [-m arg1	arg2...]


  The yppasswdd	daemon is a server that	handles	password change	requests from
  yppasswd(1). It changes a password entry in the specified file, which	is
  assumed to be	in the same format described in	passwd(4).  An entry in	file
  will be changed only if the password presented by yppasswd(1)	matches	the
  encrypted password of	that entry.

  If the -m option is given, then after	file is	modified, a make(1) will be
  performed in /var/yp.	Any arguments following	the option will	be passed to
  make.	The -m option should be	set only at a NIS master server	machine.

  This server is not run by default, nor can it	be started up from inetd(8).
  If it	is desired to enable remote password updating for the NIS, then	an
  entry	for yppasswdd should be	put in the /sbin/init.d/nis file of the	host
  serving as the master	for the	NIS passwd file.


  When enhanced	security is installed and NIS is used to distribute the	pro-
  tected password authentication database, the yppasswdd daemon	manages
  writes to that database.  A strict C2	security     policy, which is option-
  ally configurable using enhanced security, requires each user	login or
  login	failure	to be recorded in the protected	password authentication	data-
  base.	 These updates,	in combination with password changes and system
  administration functions affecting user accounts, are	coordinated by the


  If the NIS password file is stored as	/var/yp/src/passwd, then to have
  password changes propagated immediately, the server should be	invoked	as:

       /usr/sbin/rpc.yppasswdd /var/yp/src/passwd -m passwd DIR= /var/yp/src




  Commands: yppasswd(1), ypmake(8)

  Files: passwd(4), ypfiles(4)