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RFUADMIN(8)                 System Manager's Manual                RFUADMIN(8)

       rfuadmin - RFS notification shell script

       rfuadmin message remote_resource [ seconds ]

       This  program  is  available with the RFS software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       The rfuadmin shell script is used to respond to unexpected Remote  File
       Sharing  (RFS)  events  picked  up  by  the rfudaemon(8) process.  Such
       events may include broken  network  connections  and  forced  unmounts.
       This script is not intended to be run directly from the shell.

       Responses to messages received by rfudaemon can be tailored to suit the
       particular system by editing this  script.   The  following  paragraphs
       describe the arguments passed to rfuadmin and its standard responses.

       disconnect remote_resource
              A  link  to  a remote resource has been cut.  rfudaemon executes
              rfuadmin, passing it the message disconnect and the name of  the
              disconnected  resource.  rfuadmin sends this message to all ter-
              minals using wall(1):
                     remote_resource has been disconnected from the system.

              rfuadmin executes fuser(8)  to  kill  all  processes  using  the
              resource,  unmounts  the  resource,  and  attempts  to mount the
              resource again.

       fumount  remote_resource
               A remote server machine has forced an unmount of a  resource  a
               local  machine  has mounted.  The processing is similar to pro-
               cessing for a disconnect.

       fuwarn remote_resource seconds
               This message notifies rfuadmin that a resource is about  to  be
               unmounted.  rfudaemon sends this script the fuwarn message, the
               resource name, and the number of seconds in  which  the  forced
               unmount  will occur.  rfuadmin sends this message to all termi-
                      remote_resource is being removed from the  system  in  #

       wall(1), fumount(8), fuser(8), mount(8), rfstart(8), rfudaemon(8)

       The  console  must  be on when RFS is running, otherwise rfuadmin hangs
       when it attempts to write to it,  in  which  case  recovery  from  dis-
       conected resources may not complete.

                               30 September 1988                   RFUADMIN(8)