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RFPASSWD(8)                 System Manager's Manual                RFPASSWD(8)

       rfpasswd - change RFS host password


       This  program  is  available with the RFS software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       rfpasswd updates the Remote File Sharing (RFS) authentication  password
       for a host; processing of the new password follows the same criteria as
       passwd(1).  The updated password  is  registered  at  the  domain  name
       server  (/usr/nserve/auth.info/domain/passwd) and replaces the password
       stored at the local host (/usr/nserve/loc.passwd/file).

       This command is restricted to the super-user.

       Note: if you change your host password, make sure that hosts that vali-
       date  your  password  are  notified of this change.  To receive the new
       password, hosts must obtain a copy of the domain/passwd file  from  the
       domain's  primary  name server.  If this is not done, attempts to mount
       remote resources may fail.

       If any of the following is true an error message will be  sent  to  the
       standard error:

              o  The old password entered from this command does not match the
                 existing password for this machine.

              o  The two new passwords entered from this command do not match.

              o  The new password does not satisfy the  security  criteria  in

              o  The domain name server does not know about this machine.

              o  The command is not run with super-user privileges.

       Also,  RFS  must be running on your host and your domain's primary name
       server.  A new password cannot be logged if a secondary  is  acting  as
       the domain name server.


       passwd(1), rfadmin(8), rfstart(8)

                                 30 June 1988                      RFPASSWD(8)