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rc3(8)								       rc3(8)


  rc3 -	Run command script executed when entering a multiuser run level




  The rc3 script contains run commands that enable initialization of the sys-
  tem to a multiuser state; run	level 3. In addition to	commands listed
  within the script itself, rc3	contains instructions to run certain commands
  found	in the /sbin/rc3.d directory. The script defines the conditions	under
  which	the commands execute; some commands run	if the system is booting,
  other	commands execute if the	system is changing run levels.

  By convention, files in the rc3.d directory begin with either	the letter
  "S" or the letter "K"	and are	followed by a two-digit	number and a
  filename; for	example:

       S00inet	   S55inetd	S70mount     S65lpd

  In general, the system starts	commands that begin with the letter "S"	and
  stops	commands that begin with the letter "K." Commands that begin with the
  letter "K" run only when the system is changing run levels from a higher to
  a lower level.  Commands that	begin with the letter "S" run in all cases.
  The numbering	of commands in the /sbin/rc3.d directory is important since
  the numbers are sorted and the commands are run in ascending order.  Files
  in the /sbin/rc3.d directory are normally links to files in the /etc/init.d

  An entry in the inittab file causes the system to execute the	rc3 run	com-
  mands, for example:

       s3:3:wait:/sbin/rc3 < /dev/console > /dev/console 2>&1

  The following	operations are typical of those	that result from executing
  the rc3 script and the commands located in the /sbin/rc3.d directory.	 The
  operation depends on which state the system is entering or exiting.

    +  Setting the time	zone

    +  Checking	the current run	level

    +  Starting	network	services and daemons

    +  Starting	(or stopping) system services and daemons

    +  Mounting	file systems

  Setting the TIMEZONE variable	is one of the first operations completed by
  the rc3 script.  This	action provides	the default time zone for subsequent


      Specifies	the command path

      Specifies	the directory of commands that correspond to the run level


  Commands: init(8), rc0(8), rc2(8)