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QUOTAON(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 QUOTAON(8)

       quotaon, quotaoff - turn file system quotas on and off

       /etc/quotaon [ -v ] filsys...

       /etc/quotaon [ -v ] -a

       /etc/quotaoff [ -v ] filsys...

       /etc/quotaoff [ -v ] -a

       Quotaon  announces  to the system that disc quotas should be enabled on
       one or more file systems.  The file systems specified must have entries
       in  /etc/fstab and be mounted at the time.  The file system quota files
       must be present in the root directory of the specified file system  and
       be  named  quotas.   The optional argument -v causes quotaon to print a
       message for each file system where quotas are turned on.   If,  instead
       of  a  list of file systems, a -a argument is give to quotaon, all file
       systems in /etc/fstab marked read-write with  quotas  will  have  their
       quotas turned on.  This is normally used at boot time to enable quotas.

       Quotaoff  announces  to  the  system that file systems specified should
       have any disc quotas turned off.  As above, the  -v  forces  a  verbose
       message  for  each  file  system affected; and the -a option forces all
       file systems in /etc/fstab to have their quotas disabled.

       These commands update the status field of devices located in  /etc/mtab
       to indicate when quotas are on or off for each file system.

       /etc/mtab mount table
       /etc/fstab     file system table

       setquota(2), mtab(5), fstab(5)

4th Berkeley Distribution        28 June 1983                       QUOTAON(8)