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PTAL-DEVID(8)               TTF2PT1 Font Converter               PTAL-DEVID(8)

       hpoj reference: "ptal-devid"

       ptal-devid [devname] [-previous] [[modifiers] queries]...

       The "ptal-devid" command-line utility displays the entire device ID
       string of a device, or specific fields if requested.

       o   "devname" is the optional PTAL device name

       o   "modifiers" affect subsequent "queries" and may be one of:

           o   "-previous" -- Retrieves previous device ID string if possible

           o   "-short" -- Displays field values only

           o   "-long" -- Displays leading field name through semicolon

       o   "queries" request specific fields to be displayed instead of the
           entire string, and may be zero or more of:

           o   "-field fieldname" -- Queries specific field

           o   "-mfg" -- Queries manufacturer fields

           o   "-mdl" -- Queries model fields

           o   "-cmd" -- Queries command-set fields

           o   "-sern" -- Queries serial-number fields

       All of the following examples are for a USB-connected HP OfficeJet G85.
       In the first example, line breaks were added between fields in this
       document for clarity.  Normally, the entire device ID string is printed
       as one line, and it should line-wrap on your display.

       $ ptal-devid mlc:usb:OfficeJet_G85 MFG:Hewlett-Packard; MDL:OfficeJet
       OfficeJet G Series; 1284.3M:f7f,f7f; 1284.4DL:4d,4e,1;
       SERN:SGA9A10174VF; VSTA-
       TUS:$HB0$NC0,ff,DN,IDLE,CUT,K0,C0,DP,NR,KP053,CP061; AiO:0; DW-PCL;

       $ ptal-devid mlc:usb:OfficeJet_G85 -long -mfg -mdl -cmd

       MFG:Hewlett-Packard; MDL:OfficeJet G85; CMD:MLC,PCL,PML,SCL;

       $ ptal-devid mlc:usb:OfficeJet_G85 -short -mfg -mdl -cmd

       Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet G85 MLC,PCL,PML,SCL

       If no modifier or "query" switches are specified, then by default the
       entire device ID string is displayed.  Otherwise, only the requested
       field(s) are queried.  Blank lines are displayed in the place of
       requested fields that aren't present.  The "-short" and "-long" modi-
       fiers must be specified before the query options you want them to
       affect.  The "-previous" switch is useful for determining what model is
       attached in cases where "ptal-mlcd" is unable to establish communica-
       tion with the device.  It has no effect on JetDirect-connected devices.
       If you specify "-previous", then it must come after the device name (if
       specified) and before all other options.  Currently, both "ptal-mlcd"
       and JetDirect cache the device ID string, and the device ID string is
       not re-read from the device each time you invoke "ptal-devid".  To get
       a fresh copy of the device ID string, you must either power-cycle or
       disconnect/reconnect the device, both of which interrupt the communica-
       tion session with the device.  However, disconnecting/reconnecting the
       network cable will not help.

current                         March 13, 2005                   PTAL-DEVID(8)