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PRAUDIT(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 PRAUDIT(8)

       praudit - print contents of an audit trail file

       praudit [ -lrs ] [ -ddel ] [ filename ...  ]

       This  program  is  available  with  the  Security software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       praudit reads the listed filenames (or standard input, if  no  filename
       is specified) and interprets the data as audit trail records as defined
       in audit_control(5).  By default,  times,  security  labels,  user  and
       group  IDs  (UIDs  and GIDs, respectively) are converted to their ASCII
       representation.  Record type and event fields  are  converted  to  long
       ASCII representation.  A maximum of 100 audit files can be specified on
       the command line.

       -l     Print records one line per record.  The record  type  and  event
              fields are always converted to their short ASCII representation.

       -r     Print  records in their raw form.  Times, security labels, UIDs,
              GIDs, record types, and events are displayed as integers.   Cur-
              rently,  labels  are  not used and are displayed as zero in this
              mode.  This option and the -s option are exclusive.  If both are
              used, a format usage error message is output.

       -s     Print  records in their short form.  All numeric fields are con-
              verted to ASCII and displayed.  The short ASCII  representations
              for  the record type and event fields are used.  Security labels
              are displayed in their short representation.  Again, labels  are
              not  currently  used.   This option and the -r option are exclu-
              sive.  If both are used, a format usage error message is output.

       -ddel  Use del as the field delimiter instead of the default delimiter,
              which  is  the comma.  If del has special meaning for the shell,
              it must be quoted.  The maximum size  of  a  delimiter  is  four


       audit(2), setuseraudit(2), getauditflags(3), audit_control(5)

                               7 September 1988                     PRAUDIT(8)