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ppdof(8)							     ppdof(8)


  ppdof	- Text to PostScript translation filter


  /usr/lbin/ppdof +Cfilename  [-n login] [-h host] [...]


  Use of the print flags is dependent on the features available	on the print
  device, and on the current status of those features.	For example, when you
  select a particular paper size, the appropriate paper	must be	correctly
  loaded in the	paper trays.

  Options in /etc/printcap

  The following	options	are set	in the /etc/printcap file and can be speci-
  fied using the + switch. For example:

       :if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +Bupper +Cln32.rpd:\

  You can also specify command line options in the /etc/printcap file using
  the +	switch.	For example:

       :if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +Olandscape +Cln32.rpd:\

  Here,	the -Olandscape	option is specified.

      Specifies	the default tray name to select	for printing the banner	page.
      For example:
	    :of=/usr/lbin/ppdof	+Bupper	+Cln32.rpd:\

      In this example, the banner page will be printed on whatever stock is
      currently	loaded into the	upper tray on the selected print device.

      Specifies	the printer configuration file to use for the print job.

      Specifies	the unit of measurement	to be inches or	centimeters for	lines
      per inch (lpi), characters per inch (cpi), and page margin options. The
      default value is inches.

      Specifies	the default tray name to select	for printing the trailer
      page.  For example:
	   :if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +olower +Cln32.rpd:\

  Command Line Options

  Specify print	filter options at the command line using the lpr command as
  follows. Multiple -O options are supported.

  -h host
      Specifies	the host name from which the job owner is submitting the
      print command.

  -n login
      Specifies	the login (account) name of the	job owner.

  -o output_tray
      Specifies	the name of the	output tray where the printed pages are

  -w page-width
      Specifies	the page width in columns for portrait and landscape print-
      ing.  A page width of 0 instructs	the filter to use 80 columns in	por-
      trait orientation	and 132	columns	in landscape orientation.

  -I input-tray
      Specifies	the tray name from which print paper is	selected. The printer
      may select an alternate tray when	the paper size provided	in the tray
      does not match the document requirements.

  -K sides
      Specifies	the number of sides to print on	each sheet. You	can specify
      sides as follows:

	+  1 or	one - Print on one side	of the sheet.

	+  2 or	two - Print on both sides of the sheet (duplex printing).

      Specifies	options	related	to page	orientation, formatting, and features
      as follows:

	  Specifies the	number of characters to	print per inch.

	  Specifies only even numbered sheets are to be	printed.

	  Specifies the	printed	output is parallel to the long side of the

	  Specifies the	number of lines	to print per page.

	  Specifies the	number of lines	to print per inch.

      odd Specifies only odd numbered sheets are to be printed.

	  Specifies the	range of pages to be printed, starting with page
	  number m and ending with page	number n.

	  Specifies to print the list of options provided by the printer con-
	  figuration file which	includes paper sizes, input and	output paper
	  tray names. For example:
	       # lpr -Oprint /etc/motd

	  (Note	that the file /etc/motd	is specified to	satisfy	lpr command
	  line requirements, the file itself is	not printed.)

	  Specifies the	printed	output is parallel to the short	side of	the

	  These	options	specify	the various page margins in inches.  The page
	  margin sizes in inches as follows:

	    +  tm= - Top margin	in inches. For example -Otm=2

	    +  bm= - Bottom margin in inches. For example -Obm=1.5

	    +  lm= - Left margin in inches. For	example	-Olm=1

	    +  rm= - Right margin in inches. For example -Orm=3

	    +  pm= - Page margin. Using	this option sets tm, bm, lm and	rm to
	       the same	value. For example -Opm=1.25
      When configuring the /etc/printcap entry,	different margins for
      landscape	and portrait orientation can be	specified by adding the	suf-
      fixes _l and _p respectively.  For example:
	   :if=/usr/lbin/ppdof +Olm_p=0.5 +Olm_l=0.25 +Cln32.rpd:\


  The ppdof filter translates ASCII to PostScript and handles the device
  dependencies of a PostScript printer.

  It is	recommended that the ppdof filter be specified for both	the :of	and
  the :if fields in the	/etc/printcap file.  For a description of these
  fields, see the printcap(4) reference	page.


  The commands generated by the	ppdof filter to	handle device dependencies
  might	be incompatible	with some PostScript documents.	 When a	PostScript
  file does not	print correctly	use the	following command to prevent file

       # lpr -x	file.ps

  The filter will not setup device dependencies	or provide ASCII to
  PostScript translation for documents containing printer control characters.


  Any value other than zero (0)	indicates that an error	has occurred.


  Use the lf error log field in	the /etc/printcap to specify the name of the
  error	log file.


  Commands: cancel(1), lpr(1), pr(1)

  Files: printcap(4).

  System Administration