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popcv(8)							     popcv(8)


  popcv	- Migrate passwords from the /var/spool/pop/POP	file to	the mailauth


  /usr/bin/popcv [location]


  The popcv utility gives system administrators	the ability to migrate pass-
  words	from the /var/spool/pop/POP file to the	mailauth database. Once	the
  passwords are	in the mailauth	database, use the mailauth utility to admin-
  ister	the database.

  Use the location parameter to	provide	the full PATH for the POP file.	If
  the location parameter is not	specified, a check is made in the /etc/passwd
  file for a pop entry.	If an entry exists and if a POP	file is	found in the
  $HOME	directory for the pop user, then that file is used. If no file is
  found, the default location of /var/spool/pop	is checked.

  When the POP file is found, the passwords are	migrated to the	mailauth
  database as POP passwords. If	the mailauth database has not been initial-
  ized or converted from previous versions, the	system administrator is
  prompted to use the mailauth utility.


  Commands: mailauth(8)

  Files: pop(4)