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PNPBOOT(8C)                                                        PNPBOOT(8C)

       pnpboot, pnp.s386 - pnp diskless boot service


       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       pnp.s386 is a level 2 boot program that requests actions  necessary  to
       set up a diskless workstation on the network.

       The  PNP  diskless  boot  service  is  used by diskless workstations at
       installation time to locate a server that will configure  the  diskless

       The  last  steps  of  the  level 1 boot (from the PROM) are to load the
       level 2 program through rarpd(8C) and tftpd(8C).  The first step in the
       boot  sequence  is  RARP to acquire an IP address.  This is followed by
       TFTP service calls to acquire the pnp.sun* program file needed for  the
       client's architecture.  A PNP_ACQUIRE RPC is then broadcast to locate a
       server willing to configure the diskless client.

       A PNP_SETUP is issued to the server which returns  one  of  three  sta-
       tuses:  success,  failure,  or  in_progress.   As  long  as  the server
       responds with a status of  in_progress  the  client  will  periodically
       issue a PNP_POLL until the status changes to either success or failure.

       The last step is to reboot the client.  This goes through a RARP, TFTP,
       BOOT sequence, with the boot using the normal boot.sun* file and  boot-
       paramd(8) service.

       The  system  will have been set up using the IP address returned in the
       first step and a system name will have been assigned.


       bootparam(3R),  bootparams(5)  boot(8S),  bootparamd(8),  ipallocd(8C),
       netconfig(8C), pnpd(8C), rarpd(8C), tftpd(8C),

                                5 December 1987                    PNPBOOT(8C)