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pmgrd(8)							     pmgrd(8)


  pmgrd	- The Performance Manager metrics server daemon




  The Performance Manager (PM) metrics server (pmgrd) is a UNIX	daemon pro-
  cess that provides general UNIX performance metrics on request.

  The pmgrd metrics server supports the	extensible SNMP	agent mechanism
  (eSNMP). The pmgrd metrics server is a subagent that runs by default when-
  ever the SNMP	agent is started.

  The pmgrd metrics server also	listens	for SNMP requests on a private UDP
  port.	The private port accepts SNMPv1	requests, and supports the SNMPv2
  GET-BULK request for efficient bulk data transfer (using noAuth/noPriv
  security). The pmgr and getbulk programs require this	capability.

  The MIB (management information base)	variables implemented by the pmgrd
  metrics server are described at this location:

  The getone, getmany, getbulk,	and gettab UNIX	commands issue SNMP requests.
  You can use these commands to	communicate directly with the pmgrd metrics
  server if you	set the	environment variable PMGR_SNMP_PORT.


      The metrics server daemon.

      The MIB file for the pmgrd daemon.

      messages generated by the	pmgrd are logged to this file.


  Commands: getone(1), getmany(1), getbulk(1), and gettab(1).

  Performance Manager User's Guide