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pmerge(8)							    pmerge(8)


  pmerge - Builds a network bootable kernel.


  /usr/sys/bin/pmerge bootfile kernel.name new.kernel


  The kernel, vmunix, is not bootable over the network.	The pmerge utility
  prepends the bootfile	onto the kernel	image (kernel.name) to create a	new
  operating system image (new.kernel) that is bootable over the	network.

  Instead of a booting a network loadable kernel, it is	sometimes desired to
  bootstrap link a kernel over the network.  In	this case, (kernel.name) is
  the name of the sysconfigtab file on the server containing the list of
  modules to be	loaded to the client.  These modules are then linked to
  create a bootable kernel on the client.

  The pmerge utility is	used by	doconfig(8) to create a	bootable operating
  system for dataless management services (DMS)	client systems to boot over
  the network. The pmerge utility is automatically invoked by doconfig(8)
  during the kernel build process and should not be invoked independently.

  The pmerge utility is	located	in /var/adm/dms/dmsn.alpha/root/usr/sys/bin
  on the DMS server.


  Commands: dmu(8), doconfig(8)

  Sharing Software on a	Local Area Network