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pcfof(8)							     pcfof(8)


  pcfof	- Generic print	filter for ANSI, PCL, and multi-language PostScript


  /usr/lbin/pcfof +Bbanner-tray	+Cfilename.pcf [-n login] [-h host] [...]


  Use of the print options is dependent	on the features	available on the
  print	device,	and on the current status of those features.  For example,
  selection of a particular paper size and orientation requires	that
  appropriate paper is correctly loaded	in the paper trays available on	the
  print	device.

  Options in /etc/printcap

      Specifies	the default tray name to select	for printing the banner	page.
      For example:
	   :of=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Bupper +Cln17.pcf:\

      In this example, the banner page will be printed on whatever paper is
      currently	loaded into the	upper tray on the selected print device.

      Specifies	the name of the	printer	configuration file to use for this
      print job.

      Specifies	the default tray name to select	for printing the file. For
	   :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Iupper +Cln17.pcf:\

      Specifies	the default tray name to select	for printing the trailer
      page. For	example:
	   :of=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Tlower +Cln17.pcf:\

      This command is useful of	you want to use	colored	paper as a divider
      between print jobs.

      Specifies	the default tray name to select	to place the printed pages.
      For example:
	   :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +olower +Cln17.pcf:\

  Print	Filter Options

  -h host
      Specifies	the host name of the job owner.

  -i indent
      Specifies	the amount of indentation.  This value controls	how far	the
      print image appears from the edge	of the page.

  -n login
      Specifies	the login name of the job owner.

  -o output-tray
      Specifies	the tray where the printed pages are placed. See the -I
      option for information on	printer	configuration files.

  -w page-width
      Specifies	the page width in columns.

  -x  Selects printer features but does	not perform any	file processing.

      Specifies	the tray name from which print paper is	selected.  To find
      the available options, view the printer configuration file (.pcf file)
      specified	in the /etc/printcap file by the if entry. For example:
	   :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Cln17.pcf:\

      The ln17.pcf pcf file is located in /usr/lbin/pcf/ln17.pcf.  The pcf
      file header provides additional information on available tray options.

      Specifies	the number of sides to print on	each sheet. You	can specify
      sides as follows:

      one     Print on one side	of the sheet.

      two     Print on both sides of the sheet.

      Specifies	options	related	to page	orientation and	printing of text
      files.  The option-list argument can include one option or multiple
      options that are separated by commas (no embedded	spaces).

      The following settings for page orientation are valid for	both
      PostScript or text files:

	  The printed output is	parallel to the	short side of the page.

	  The printed output is	parallel to the	long side of the page.

      The following options are	available for printing text (not PostScript)

	  Print	even numbered pages.

	  Reduce the number of lines on	a page to n lines.

      odd Print	odd numbered pages.

	  Perform codeset conversion if	codeset-name is	different from the
	  codeset component of the current locale and if the appropriate
	  codeset converter is installed on the	system.	See iconv_intro(5)
	  for information about	codeset	conversion.

	  Print	the pages of a file within the start and end parameters. When
	  start	is not specified, printing starts at page 0. When end is not
	  specified, printing continues	to the end of the file.

  The .pcf file	header may specify additional printer-specific options.	(See
  the description of the -I option for the location of .pcf files.)


      Specifies	the file in which accounting information will be recorded.


  The pcfof filter is a	generic	print filter that can be used with text	and
  PostScript files and handle printer device dependencies. The type of
  printer that the filter is supporting	is determined by the printer confi-
  guration file	(.pcf file) that is specified by the +C	option.	The Tru64
  UNIX product includes	.pcf files for a variety of printers. In addition, a
  template file	(/usr/lbin/pcf/template.pcf) is	available for the system
  administrator	to customize for use with additional printers.

  The pcfof filter should be specified for both	the of and the if entries in
  the /etc/printcap file.

  Use the wwpsof filter	when you want to print files in	languages for which
  printer-resident fonts are not available. See	the wwpsof(8) reference	page
  for more information.


      An error has occurred.


  The /etc/printcap error log field, lf, is used to specify the	name of	the
  error	log file.


  Commands: cancel(1), lpr(1), pr(1), printer(1), pac(8), thailpof(8),

  Files: printcap(4)

  Others: i18n_printing(5)

  System Administration