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pac(8)								       pac(8)


  pac -	Outputs	printer/plotter	accounting information


  pac [-cmrs] [-p price] [-P printer] [name]


  -c  Sorts output according to	the computed cost instead of alphabetically
      according	to user.

  -m  Groups all printing charges for the user specified by name, without
      regard for the host machine from which printing was invoked.

  -p price
      The dollar amount	charged	per unit of output specified by	price. The
      default dollar amount charged is $0.02 per unit.

  -P printer
      Specifies	the printer for	which accounting records are produced. Alter-
      natively,	the system selects the printer named with the PRINTER
      environment variable, or the default printer lp0.

  -r  Reverses the sorted order, so that records are listed alphabetically
      from z to	a, or in descending order by computed cost when	this option
      is used with the -c option.

  -s  Writes printer accounting	information to a summary file. You must
      specify the -P option and	printer	name (or synonym) when you use this
      option. Output is	made to	a file that is associated with the af entry
      for the specified	printer	in the /etc/printcap file. This	file is
      located in the /usr/adm directory. The file name is usually the af
      accounting file name, with the letters _sum (summary) appended, for
      example: /usr/adm/lp2acct_sum. Accounting	information is in three
      unheaded columns in the format:

	   pages/feet	machinename:username   runs


  When printer accounting is enabled in	the /etc/printcap file,	and you	use
  the pac command in a shell script or from the	standard input,	pac outputs
  printer/plotter accounting records to	the standard output for	each user of
  the printer specified	with the -P option and printer name or for users
  specified with the name parameter.  The unit used for	printer	accounting is
  the number of	pages printed.	However, for raster devices (such
  typesetters, and plotters) length in feet of print medium (film, for exam-
  ple) is the unit used.  Output units are expressed both as the number	of
  units	used and the charge in dollars according to the	price specified	with
  -p option and	price amount per unit.	The printer/plotter accounting output
  has the following column headings and	format:

       Login		      pages/feet   runs	    price
       chicken:rcb	      19.00	   2	    $  0.38
       sardine:jmp	      22.00	   3	    $  0.44
       hunch:lucy	      53.00	   12	    $  1.06
       stovetop:suki	      1.00	   1	    $  0.02
       newspaper:myralou      834.00	   202	    $ 16.68
       wimbledon:nhk	      69.00	   20	    $  1.38
       norfolk:sophie	      184.00	   17	    $  3.68

  There	are four fields, each with its own column heading, in each record of
  the default output produced by the pac command: 1) the machine from which
  the print command was	entered	and login name is entered in the Login
  column; 2) the number	of pages or feet of paper output is entered in the
  page/feet column; 3) the number of times the printer was used	is entered in
  the runs column; and 4) the cost computed at the default or specified	price
  is entered in	the price column.


   1.  To print	printer/plotter	accounting information for all users of
       default printer lp0 to the standard output device, enter:

       Output is sorted	alphabetically according to machine name and user-
       name. The number	of printed pages or feet of output paper used and the
       charge per foot of paper	or page	is computed at the default dollar
       amount of $0.02 per page	because	no options are specified.

   2.  To write	accounting records for printer printer1	in a summary file,
       enter the following line	as a superuser or as adm:
	    /usr/sbin/pac  -Pprinter1 -s

       Summary information is written to the file /var/adm/printer1acct_sum.

   3.  To produce accounting information for users lucy, suki and myralou for
       pages printed on	printer	putnam408, enter:
	    /usr/sbin/pac  -Pputnam408	lucy suki myralou


      Specifies	the command path

      Accounting information summary file.

      Printer information summary file,	where printcap symbol af defines the
      name of the accounting file.


  Commands: acct(8), acctcms(8), acctcom(8), acctcon(8), acctmerg(8),
  acctprc(8), printcap(4), runacct(8)