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NTFSFIX(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 NTFSFIX(8)

       ntfsfix  -  tool for fixing NTFS partitions altered by the Linux kernel
       NTFS driver.

       ntfsfix device

       This manual page documents briefly the ntfsfix command.

       ntfsfix is a program that fixes NTFS partitions altered in  any  manner
       with  the  Linux NTFS driver. ntfsfix is NOT a Linux version of chkdsk.
       It only tries to leave the  NTFS  partition  in  a  not-so-inconsistent
       state after the NTFS driver has written to it.

       ntfsfix appeared because MS chkdsk is well known for its stupidity when
       fixing altered partitions. Because the main problems are journal files,
       ntfsfix aims to fix those issues.

       Running  ntfsfix  after  mounting  NTFS partitions read-write is recom-
       mended for reducing the chance of severe data loss when NT/W2K/XP tries
       to remount the affected partition(s).

       In  order  to  use ntfsfix you must unmount the NTFS partition, and run
       ntfsfix device, where device is the NTFS partition. After this, you can
       safely reboot into NT/W2K/XP. Please note that ntfsfix is not a chkdsk-
       like tool, and so is not guaranteed that it could fix  all  the  alter-
       ations provoked by the NTFS driver.

       This    manual    page    was   written   by   David   Martnez   Moreno
       <enderATdebian.org>, for Debian the GNU/Linux system (but may be used by

       ntfsfix  is  part  of  the  ntfsprogs  package  and  is  available from

       mkntfs(8), ntfsprogs(8)

ntfsprogs version 1.9.4           March 2004                        NTFSFIX(8)