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NIDOMAIN(8)                 System Manager's Manual                NIDOMAIN(8)

       nidomain - NetInfo domain utility

       nidomain -l [ hostname ]

       nidomain -m tag

       nidomain -d tag

       nidomain -c tag master/remotetag

       The  nidomain  utility is an interface to nibindd(8), to which it sends
       all of its requests about the domains served on a  given  machine.   It
       also can be used to create and destroy NetInfo databases.

       The  nidomain  utility will allow one to create multiple levels of Net-
       Info hierarchy, but it is not a particularly easy way to  do  it.   One
       should  use  the  NetInfo Manager application for setting up multilevel

       -l [ hostname ]
              List the domains by tag served on the given hostname.  If  host-
              name is unspecified, the local host is used.

       -m tag Create  a  new  NetInfo database and server on the local machine
              for the domain tag of tag.

       -d tag Destroy the local NetInfo database and  server  associated  with
              the  domain  tagged  tag.  If the database was associated with a
              clone, the machine's ``serves'' property on the  master  is  NOT
              modified to reflect the fact that the database has been deleted.

       -c tag master/remotetag
              Creates  a  clone  NetInfo  database with the domain tagged tag.
              The database is cloned from the machine master  and  remote  tag
              remotetag.   The  machine's ``serves'' property should be set up
              prior to running this command to contain the entry "./tag".


Apple Computer, Inc.            March 23, 1989                     NIDOMAIN(8)