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nfsconfig(8)							 nfsconfig(8)


  nfsconfig - Launches the SysMan Menu at the Network File System Configura-
  tion (NFS) level, where you can configure a system as	an NFS server or as
  an NFS client



  /usr/sbin/sysman nfs


  The NFS Configuration	section	of SysMan Menu is used by the System Adminis-
  trator or the	UNIX system manager to manage NFS configuration	issues.

  It allows the	system to be configured	as an NFS server (to make its file
  systems available to remote machines), or as an NFS client (to mount remote
  file systems).

  Before using nfsconfig, be sure to configure Network Interfaces using	the
  Network Configuration	section	of the SysMan menu.

  You can configure your system	as an NFS Server, an NFS Client, or both.
  However, if the Network Interfaces are down, the following daemons will not
  start: nfsd, pcnfsd, proplistd, mountd, and automountd.

  Use nfsconfig	to do the following:

    +  Manage the configuration	of the system as an NFS	server.	 You can only
       configure your system as	an NFS server if the NFS Server	option is
       built into the kernel.

    +  Manage the configuration	of the system as client-only system

    +  Specify file systems to be mounted or exported

    +  Start and stop the NFS daemons

  Online Help:

  Online help is available for the NFS dialog boxes. You can get help by
  selecting the	Help button on any dialog box.


  You must be root or have the appropriate privileges to run this applica-


      Specifies	the environment	variables that define the nfsconfig confi-
      guration on your system


  Commands: X(1X), automount(8), mountd(8), nfsd(8), nfsiod(8),	pcnfsd(8),
  proplistd(8),	rpc.lockd(8), rpc.statd(8), dxfileshare(8)

  Files: nfs_intro(4), rc.config(8)

  Networking: tcp(7), udp(7)