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NEWFS(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   NEWFS(8)

       newfs - construct a new file system

       /etc/newfs [ -v ] [ -n ] [ mkfs-options ] special disk-type

       Newfs  is  a ``friendly'' front-end to the mkfs(8) program.  Newfs will
       look up the type of disk a file system is being created on in the  disk
       description  file /etc/disktab, calculate the appropriate parameters to
       use in calling mkfs, then build the file system by forking mkfs and, if
       the  file  system  is a root partition, install the necessary bootstrap
       programs in the initial 8 sectors of the device.  The  -n  option  pre-
       vents the bootstrap programs from being installed.

       If the -v option is supplied, newfs will print out its actions, includ-
       ing the parameters passed to mkfs.

       Options which may be used to override default parameters passed to mkfs

       -s size   The size of the file system in sectors.

       -b block-size
                 The block size of the file system in bytes.

       -f frag-size
                 The fragment size of the file system in bytes.

       -t #tracks/cylinder

       -c #cylinders/group
                 The  number of cylinders per cylinder group in a file system.
                 The default value used is 16.

       -m free space %
                 The percentage of space reserved from normal users; the mini-
                 mum free space threshhold.  The default value used is 10%.

       -r revolutions/minute
                 The  speed  of  the  disk in revolutions per minute (normally

       -S sector-size
                 The size of a sector in  bytes  (almost  never  anything  but

       -i number of bytes per inode
                 This specifies the density of inodes in the file system.  The
                 default is to create an inode for each  2048  bytes  of  data
                 space.   If  fewer inodes are desired, a larger number should
                 be used; to create more inodes a  smaller  number  should  be

       /etc/disktab   for disk geometry and file system partition information
       /etc/mkfs to actually build the file system
       /usr/mdec for boot strapping programs

       disktab(5), fs(5), diskpart(8), fsck(8), format(8), mkfs(8), tunefs(8)

       McKusick, Joy, Leffler; "A Fast File System for Unix", Computer Systems
       Research Group, Dept of EECS, Berkeley,  CA  94720;  TR  #7,  September

       Should figure out the type of the disk without the user's help.

4th Berkeley Distribution      20 February 1983                       NEWFS(8)