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NETCONFIG(8C)                                                    NETCONFIG(8C)

       netconfig - PNP boot service

       /single/netconfig [ -e ] [ -n ]

       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       netconfig is used both for automatic installation of new  diskful  sys-
       tems,  and  during  routine  booting  of  all systems.  The sequence of
       actions taken by netconfig depends on which of these situations  is  in
       effect,  but  it  always sets the hostname, domainname, time, timezone,
       and interface IP address. If the system is newly installed on the  net-
       work, it does more, perhaps interrogating the user about system config-

       netconfig is invoked with the -e option from the /etc/rc.boot script.

       Invoked without options, netconfig may perform PNP  set  up,  including
       set  up  of files, passwords, and secure RPCs.  Unless -n is specified,
       it writes /etc/net.conf, which is read later by rc.boot.  This includes
       the VERBOSE flag, derived from NVRAM data, which controls the verbosity
       of the commands in rc.boot.

   Routine Booting
       Boot servers use information stored locally in Network Information Ser-
       vice (NIS) acquiring it over the network, except that they get the time
       from the timehost system if it is  up.   The  following  describes  the
       steps  taken  by  boot  clients: diskful clients, diskless clients, and
       network clients.

       Boot clients first invoke rarp to acquire an IP address.  This is  fol-
       lowed  by  a ICMP Netmask request to obtain the IP subnetwork mask, and
       then a PNP_WHOAMI RPC to determine the system's name, NIS  domain,  and
       time  zone.   Then the systems clock is set using the RFC 868 time ser-
       vice.  If PNP_WHOAMI fails, a PNP_SETUP sequence is followed by set  up
       of /etc/passwd and other files.

       -e     Check  shell  environment  variables.   This option is specified
              during routine boot.  HOSTNAME and DOMAINNAME are used to deter-
              mine if the system is an NIS server using local NIS maps. Other-
              wise, if NETWORKED is YES, netconfig probes the network for net-
              work configuration.  MUST_SETUP requires writing /etc/passwd and
              other files for setup in restricted network environments.

       -n     Used in conjunction with `-e', this does not probe  the  network
              for  anything  but  just sets the hostname and domainname of the
              system from the environment variables  HOSTNAME  and  DOMAINNAME
              respectively.  Does not write the /etc/net.conf file.


       pnp(3R), pnpboot(8C), pnpd(8C), rarpd(8C)

       The  Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun Yellow
       Pages (YP).  The functionality of the two remains the  same;  only  the
       name has changed.

                               19 February 1988                  NETCONFIG(8C)