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nd6hostd(8)							  nd6hostd(8)


  nd6hostd - Neighbor discovery	and autoconfiguration daemon for IPv6 hosts


  /usr/sbin/nd6hostd [-d] [-D] [-l logfile] [-u] [-n name]


  -d  Enables additional debugging information,	such as	bad packets received,
      to be logged.  The nd6hostd daemon remains under control of the host
      that started it; therefore, an interrupt from the	controlling host
      stops the	nd6hostd process.

  -D  Same as the -d option, but does not run as a daemon.

  -l logfile
      Specifies	a log file into	which nd6hostd writes information about	its
      actions.	The log	contains information about any changes to the routing
      tables and a history of recent route change messages sent	and received
      that are related to changed routes.

  -u  Enables dynamic updates to the Domain Name System	(DNS) database.	Only
      global unicast addresses are updated.

  -n name
      Specifies	a fully	qualified domain name to use for dynamic DNS updates.


  The nd6hostd daemon receives and processes IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA)
  packets of the Neighbor Discovery Protocol.  This enables a system to	auto-
  configure itself without manual intervention.

  The daemon performs the following functions, based on	the contents of	IPv6
  Router Advertisements	it receives:

    +  Router discovery	- Learns the IPv6 address of default routers and
       installs	default	routes in the kernel routing table.

    +  On-link prefix discovery	- Learns IPv6 on-link prefixes (ranges of
       IPv6 addresses that are directly	reachable on a given link).

    +  Stateless Address Configuration - Automatically creates and deletes
       interface addresses.  If	the -u option is specified, nd6hostd updates
       the global address information in the DNS automatically,	using the
       name specified with the -n option (or the host name if the the -n
       option is not specified).

    +  Interface attribute configuration - Automatically configures datalink
       attributes such as hop limit, reachable time, retransmit	time and link


  The following	signals	have the specified effect when sent to the nd6hostd
  process using	the kill(1) command:

      Displays internal	routing	tables.

      Terminates nd6hostd.  Before exiting, nd6hostd removes any system	state
      that was autoconfigured, including default routers, on-link prefixes,
      IPv6 addresses, and dynamically updated DNS entries.


	 Do not	use SIGKILL to terminate nd6hostd.


  Do not run the nd6hostd and ip6rtrd daemons on the same host,	as this	may
  produce unpredictable	results.


      Specifies	the command path

      Routes through distant and external gateways

      Contains the network name	database


  Commands: route(8).

  Daemons: ip6rtrd(8).

  RFC 2461, Neighbor Discovery for IP version 6	(IPv6);	Narten,	T., Nordmark,
  E., Simpson W. A., December 1998

  RFC 2462, IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration; Thompson,	S., Narten,
  T., December 1998