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mtu(8)								       mtu(8)


  mtu -	POLYCENTER Common Agent	MIB Translator Utility


  /usr/sbin/mtu	[-ccode] [-i] [-l] file.mib [file.mib]...


      Specify the EMA entity code to be	assigned to the	root entity.

  -i  Produce an informational parameter file for input	to the POLYCENTER
      Common Agent momgen utility (file.par).

  -l  Produce a	listing	file containing	the MIB	information from the file.mib
      file and a summary of the	mapping	to EMA hierarchical structures in the
      file.lis file.


  The mtu utility translates MIB specification files (.mib) into EMA Manage-
  ment Specification files (.ms).  The management specifications can be
  loaded into the POLYCENTER Common Agent Management Information Repository
  (MIR)	by the /usr/sbin/mirc utility.

  The MIB structure and	syntax is described by Concise MIB Definitions (RFC-
  1212).  The EMA Management Specification Language is described by the
  DECmcc System	Reference Manual.

  If the Common	Agent Developer's Toolkit layered product is installed,	the
  mtu utility can also produce momgen information files	(file.par) from	the
  MIB specification.


   1.  The following example translates	the superbox.mib MIB file into the
       MSL file	superbox.msl (named by derivation), specifying 1000 as the
       EMA root	entity.	 An information	parameter superbox.par is created
       that can	be use with the	momgen utility.
	    # mtu -c 1000 -i superbox.mib

   2.  The following example translates	all of the MIB files in	the current
       working directory into MSL files.  For each MIB file, mtu produces the
       MSL file	(.msl),	a listing file (.lis), and a momgen informational
       parameter file (.par).
	    # mtu -i -l	*.mib

   3.  The following example translates	the tinybox.mib	MIB file into the MSL
       file tinybox.msl, specifying 500	as the EMA root	entity.	 A momgen
       informational parameter file (tinybox.par) is also generated.  The
       smallbox.mib MIB	file is	translated into	the MSL	file smallbox.msl,
       specifying 1000 as the EMA root entity. A momgen	informational parame-
       ter file	(smallbox.par) is also generated.
	    # mtu -c 500 -i tinybox.mib	-c 1000	-i smallbox.mib


      A	listing	file that contains a numbered version of the MIB input file
      followed by a hierarchical management specification summary.  If errors
      are encountered, this file contains the diagnostic at the	line where
      the error	occurred.

      MIB input	file.

      MSL output file.

      The momgen informational parameter file.	It contains class, parent,
      and prefix information used by the momgen	utility	when generating	a
      Managed Object Module.


  Concise MIB Definition (RFC 1212)

  Convention for Defining Traps	(RFC 1215)

  DECmcc System	Reference Manual